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Why the big deal about metaphors?


Metaphors are very powerful. They bundle a lot of information into a small package, and make the conceptual more tangible.

We live our metaphors. Someone who thinks their work team is like a Formula One pit crew will live their work very differently from someone whose team seems to them to be like a group of strolling musicians.

In fact, metaphors and stories are central to how we think, both consciously and unconsciously.

Politicians, salesmen, teachers and other persuaders are accustomed to using the metaphors they think up as a short-cut to influencing the unconscious mind.

But in Clean, we work with metaphors generated by the client themselves. People can discover and share information from below the level of their ordinary consciousness in a way that feels appropriate for them.

And these self-generated metaphors are powerful ‘persuaders’ which can help them to make the changes they desire for themselves, in ways which work for them.

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