Where can I find Clean Language therapy?


Clean Language was originally devised by the late David Grove as a therapeutic process. He travelled the world presenting workshops, where he shared his ideas to thousands of psychotherapists worldwide, notably in the USA, UK, France and New Zealand. Some of these practitioners took further training and used it as their primary methodology, while others combined some of its ideas and principles with their other approaches. Clean Language therapy is also known as Grovian Metaphor Therapy or Symbolic Modelling.

Wendy Sullivan, director of the Clean Change Company, and our visiting trainers Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, are all registered psychotherapists, as are several of the Certified Clean Facilitators listed on this site. If you are looking to resolve personal issues in therapy, Clean Language may be particularly effective – it has a reputation for helping to overcome longstanding issues quickly and permanently, because it works with the client’s own metaphors and other resources. Please remember that many therapists use a variety of approaches, depending on the context, and that if you specifically want to try Clean Language you should say so. For your safety we recommend you chose a therapist who is registered with a recognised body (such as UKCP or BACP in the United Kingdom). To make an appointment with Wendy, please call the office on +44 (0)20 8400 4832.

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