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What’s it like training with Clean Change Company?


All our courses appeal to people who like to challenge, think and integrate new learning. Don’t attend if you prefer to be “sheep-dipped”!

You will learn in a relatively small group – normally up to a couple of dozen participants – supported by a good ratio of qualified assistants.

Lead trainer Wendy Sullivan loves to pack value into her courses. As an expert in accelerated learning techniques, she prefers activities to lectures, so you will spend plenty of time ‘doing’. If theory is important to you, expect to read outside workshop time.

Facilitation exercises are your chance to put what you are learning to the test as a facilitator, as well as a golden opportunity to develop yourself in the client role. Typically, you’ll work in a group of 2 (client and facilitator roles) or 3 (as for 2, but with an observer), and then the activity is repeated so each person experiences each role. A trainer or assistant will normally observe a small group, offering additional learning points as well as feedback and support.

Participants come from all walks of life: there will normally be some coaches, counsellors or therapists, but also a mixture of people with plans to use Clean in some other context – for example, teaching, market research, management or sales.

Most participants have tertiary eduction and a good proportion have some training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) but neither of these are essential.

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