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Clean Summer School is one of the highlights of our calendar. For two weeks, students, trainers and assistants from all over the world come together in Cambridge, UK, to immerse themselves in a powerful exploration.

“I’m very enthusiastic about this intensive training… (which) got directly on my best way of learning. I’m learning at my best, when I have a challenge, intensity, longer focus, immersion, diversity of high quality learning experiences. I was highly motivated for this fast track training.” Donald Fortin, Canada

“I enjoyed everything about the course, from the business like industry of the trainers and participants to the fun, humour and empathy expressed by all involved. I enjoyed most, learning in a wonderful environment and the constant surprise of new discoveries every day.” Mike Priestley, Cambridgeshire

To book your place for 2009, go to https://www.cleanchange.co.uk/store/clean-summer-school-2009-p-17.html

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