Review of ‘Clean Language’ by Angus McLeod

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Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees had done a valuable service in bringing practical and accessible learning to Clean Language. Having been invited by the founder of ‘Clean’, David Grove to Auckland, NZ., I was exposed to his genius. Like others before me, most notably, authors Penny Tompkins and James Lawley (who made ‘Clean Language accessible to others), I became increasingly hooked on David’s thinking and methods. It is easy to understand why Sullivan and Rees became similarly addicted and why their journeys have brought them to offer us such a valuable book.

There is a gap between seeing and experiencing masterful facilitation using Clean Language and reading about it. A reader without this access must therefore trust that ‘Clean’ can and does deliver extraordinary awareness and positive change – and it does. The book must appeal to newcomers to ‘Clean’ and the thoughtful evolution of the text, rich in examples, explanations, re-iteration of key learnings and activities make it a delightful journey.

From a quality standpoint, Clean Language offers the prospect of a higher and more consistent level of practitioner professionalism than most alternative awareness and change-methodologies including coaching. These two factors, impact and professional standard must ensure that the developmental journey of ‘Clean’ will continue wide and deep. Sullivan and Rees have contributed a worthy book to help that valuable journey on its way. I commend this book.

Dr Angus McLeod
Author: Performance Coaching, Me Myself My Team, and Self-coaching Leadership

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