Embodied Clean Training


A 12-week in-depth training in Clean Language and embodiment, suitable for both people new to clean and advanced practitioners.


Our senses are our gateways to the world. Our bodies are the containers of our experiences, good and bad, and can “store” unconscious memories and react to situations in ways we can’t consciously control. And when Eugene Gendlin researched what made psychotherapy successful, one single factor stood out: the client’s ability to notice their “felt sense”.

Few coaching approaches make the body the focus, but a body focus creates incredible opportunities to discover what your client really wants and to make felt change that affects your client’s experience of life.

Clean Language has always included embodiment. David Grove often used the body as a gateway to metaphor. James Lawley and Penny Tompkins write “it is the embodiment of their metaphors, their symbolic mind-body knowing, that the client self-models.” And yet there are few specific techniques, distinctions and strategies for working Cleanly with the body.

We’ve spent over 2 years researching, experimenting with pioneering Clean volunteers and applying this innovative new work with clients. So you can now learn an in-depth, integrated approach to working with the body using Clean. An approach that stands on its own for people who are new to Clean, yet integrates perfectly into existing Clean approaches for advanced practitioners.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the client’s authentic needs – including what their body wants, not just what the client thinks they want
  • Develop clients’ “felt sense” – the key to successful change
  • Help clients have the felt experiences that they wish to have
  • Know when to focus on difficult sensations or emotions, and the benefits of focusing on pleasure
  • Keep clients safe in deeper experiences, where unexpected “stored” memory or trauma could appear
  • Engage with the client’s movements and gestures
  • Unlock the power of the metaphors that the body creates
  • Enable clients to embody their metaphors, which increases psychoactivity and enhances the chances of change happening and staying changed
  • Weave Embodied Clean into your sessions both when working Cleanly and when using other modalities
  • Connect the client to their inner guidance and wisdom

The Experience

  • Be supported by two experienced trainers: Dr Paul Field & Wendy Sullivan
  • Enjoy a supportive group of like-minded people in the training
  • Opportunities to learn from each other’s experience
  • Discussion and support to help you apply your learning in your work with clients
  • Opportunity to ask questions and share experiences in our private online community
  • Sustainable pace of training with time to integrate the learning into your client work


  • 12 week course
  • Payment plans available. Some bursary places are available if finance is an issue (please contact us)
  • 2hr weekly teaching session on Zoom to learn, practice and share experiences
  • Some reading, short videos and/or practice in-between the training sessions (1-2 hr/week)
  • Every Tuesday 5-7pm (UK time) starting 18th Oct 2022, ending 24th Jan 2023 (no sessions on 20, 27th Dec and 3rd Jan)


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