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Metaphor Cards & Activities

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A pack of metaphor cards plus innovative techniques that place image at the centre of emergent knowledge development and engender team connectivity and growth.

Arresting images for use in compelling clean coaching.

Empower your facilitating

The first in a series of four. Each pack of metaphor cards contains twenty carefully chosen postcard size images along with instructions for using the cards to facilitate powerful group and individual work.

Whether you are a teacher, coach, business coach, consultant, trainer or workshop leader, or you just want new ways to introduce people to the power of Clean, you will find these cards to be a valuable resource that you can rely on to get your clients excited about the work they are doing. The straightforward step by step directions guide you through a number of innovative techniques which place the image cards at the centre of emergent knowledge development and engender team connectivity and growth.

Each pack is designed to complement the others by containing images substantially unlike any in each of the other packs. This means that you can combine packs as you go to create a richer experience or to work with larger groups. Use all four packs together to give a choice of eighty rich and evocative multidimensional metaphor images for you clients to select from.


Metaphor Cards were created by Rupert Meese, Margaret Meyer and Wendy Sullivan, they gratefully acknowledge their debt to David Grove (the creator of Clean Questions) and to Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, and Caitlin Walker for the developments on which these cards are based.


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