The Clean Foundation Modules: Modules 1 – 2


If you’ve experienced Clean in a taster session, or as a client, you probably already know how elegant and effective this approach can be. It may be unusual, but it simply works. No wonder it’s catching on fast with some of the sharpest and most innovative practitioners in business and in personal development.

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Module 1: Introducing Clean Language and Metaphor

Clear the clutter from your thinking and delight in the magic of metaphor! Latest research has revealed that metaphor is the very stuff of thought. If you seek to understand people and how they tick, whether you’re gathering information or helping people to change, you’ll want to be ready to help them explore their metaphoric worlds.

Module 2: Targeting Change

Ready for truly transformational change? In this module you’ll learn to confidently effect transformation and make a long-term difference – even in situations which have seemed well and truly stuck!


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Wendy Sullivan

Wendy Sullivan

Trainer, Psychotherapist & Coach Supervisor

Wendy Sullivan has worked in the field of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling for around 20 years. She has both studied and worked with the originators, David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, and is one of the most experienced trainers in the field.

Wendy is also a qualified trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and uses elements of this alongside Clean Language in her work with individual clients, and business teams. Click here for full bio.

Dr Paul Field

Dr Paul Field

Trainer, Coach and Coach Supervisor

Paul Field is a certified Clean Facilitator, Clean Trainer and Clean Assessor. He's a speaker at international conferences and innovator of new techniques in Clean Language, including Modeller's Mind, Embodied Clean, The Binds Process and Persona Modelling.

Paul applies Clean in business with executives and teams, combining it with leadership, agile and product development. For one-to-one coaching, he uses Clean, embodiment and trauma-informed approaches to help women recovering from sexual assault. Click here for full bio