Keynote: Working with the Self in Mental Space

Clean Conference, Clean Conference 2015

Social Panoramas BookLucas DerksKeynote Presenter: Lucas Derks

Sunday 7 June 2015

To recognize that most cognition is structured in a 3-D way in mental space opens new possibilities in coaching and therapy. The self experience also has a spatial structure. However it functions very much below the surface of consciousness.
But as soon as we get access to how the self is constructed in mental space, we have an extremely efficient and elegant tool for improving self-confidence and self-worth, dealing with authority and conflict, as well as for speaking in public and in fact for everything in which the self is involved – which is close to limitless.
The spatial structure of the self is the centre of the ‘social panorama’, which is the mental map we use to find our way amongst others and in which we create social relationships.
In a series of exercises we will explore this very crucial part of experience and look at how we can apply this with our clients.

Participants will have a personal experience of the influence of the spatial structure of the self in social life. They will learn the basic distinctions and will have enough insight, along with the help of existing literature, to be able to take this into explorations in coaching sessions.

Lucas Derks was trained as a graphical designer before he moved to social psychology in 1976. He worked as a researcher until his fascination for NLP and hypnotherapy moved him to become an NLP trainer. Since 1994 he has worked on the development of the Social Panorama Model. This has changed his life: since 1997 he has been travelling around the world to teach this model. To Lucas, NLP and everything related including Clean Language and Clean Space, are part of psychology. Lucas lives Nijmegen in the Netherlands and his hobbies are climbing and video-making.

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