I learned Clean Language on an NLP course. Would your training still be useful to me?


Several NLP courses, particularly in the UK, include some Clean Language within the curriculum. However this training is of highly variable quality: at worst, the trainer may have no knowledge of Clean Language except from NLP conferences or from a book, no formal training, and little idea of the subtleties of the process. At the other extreme are courses taught by experts in both Clean Language and NLP, such as Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, and Caitlin Walker.

Where a course contains at least two days of Clean Language training with a specialist, it can be regarded as equivalent to Clean Change Company’s Module 1: you can either repeat this Module at a 50% discount, or skip it and go straight to Module 2, where you will be learning how to use Clean Language as a standalone change technique, as well as fascinating models and distinctions which will help you to combine it with your existing NLP and other skills.

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