Getting clear in Whitehall

Clean in Coaching and Therapy

Ken Smith, head of Learning and Development at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in Whitehall, has completed Modules 1-4 of our Clean training programme. He offered this example of how he used his skills at work.

"One of my team had reached a time when he wanted to move on to something new.  He wanted some clarity on what this new thing might be.  We had a first session using some NLP do elicit his values hierarchy, which gave him a set of criteria against which he could consider the job vacancies he found. 

"Subsequently he was uncertain about applying for a particular job he was interested in and asked if we could talk about this. 

"I used a few Clean questions – e.g. what kind of challenge is that new challenge? – and he spent some time reflecting and processing, during which he apologised saying "Sorry about all this rambling, I’m talking to myself really," which of course told me the questions were working! 

"He decided not to apply for that job and perhaps with a little synchronicity was approached by another manager a little while afterwards and invted to apply for vacancy on her team, doing a job very much closer to what the values and Clean work suggested would be congruent for him.  He got the job."

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