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Developing Exceptional Skills Together

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Are you starting on your coaching journey and looking for sophisticated, joined-up skills so you can be exceptional at what you do, be it a mentor, therapist, counsellor, bodyworker, coach, consultant or business leader?

Or are you already an experienced practitioner? Perhaps interested in approaches that go much deeper to take you on a new journey of personal and professional development. Someone who’d like to be amongst other skilled professionals from a wide range of fields.

Being great at what you do, and being able to help others, relies on deep skills that can adapt to the complexities of different clients, as well as your own personal development. The best way to learn and develop is with continual practice, in a group of supportive, experienced peers. And that’s exactly what we provide in this community.

Join the Clean Change Community and you’ll enjoy an ongoing journey of learning and development. Constantly improving your skills, developing yourself and benefiting your clients.

We aim to give you:

  • Exceptional Clean Language and Coaching skills
  • An exceptional ability to make a positive difference, however you apply Clean
  • Progress on your own goals

Belong to a group of like-minded people, who celebrate your successes and are always there with support and experience. A group with experienced trainers and practitioners who help you develop and apply your skills.

In this community, everything you learn is joined up in an integrated, holistic framework, so you can bring every skill and your whole self to work powerfully with your clients.

Currently with a 2 month free trial!

Clean Change Community

Linda Hedquist - Bodyworker

Wendy & Paul’s love of Clean and enthusiasm for supporting their students shone through every minute of my time with them. They are not only incredibly competent and experienced guides in this field, but they make learning Clean a lot of fun as well.

Alison Thorpe - Counsellor and Focusing Practitioner

I’ve been amazed by Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. It has a capacity to include everything that you might want to explore with it, personally or as a group. Paul and Wendy put a lot of effort into making it as easy to learn as possible.

What is Clean?

Clean is an elegant, sophisticated way to make a long-term difference. To confidently effect transformation, even in those situations which have stayed stuck for many years. At its core are 12 simple Clean Language questions and a philosophy of stripping out all assumptions and judgements, providing the client the opportunity to be with their own experience, in a space of acceptance.

Clean uniquely integrates multiple modalities of working into an elegant whole, while being versatile enough to apply in almost any coaching or business situation. Whether you use it to "clean up" and improve your existing approaches, or as a complete stand-alone coaching framework, it'll become the foundation stones of everything else you do.

Why Are We Creating a Community?

Clean Change Community

Lorraine Tolmie - Hypnotherapist

Wendy and Paul have created a wonderful range of training centred within a supportive learning community. The delivery of the training was clear and thorough, sprinkled with humour and lightheartedness.

For many years we (Wendy and Paul) have wanted to capture the magic that happens on trainings – a group of people, bonded, learning together, accelerating in their personal and professional growth. And avoid that horrible “falling off the edge of a cliff” feeling at the end of training, where the group disbands and the support is gone.

So after a long time of mulling ideas, we decided to be bold and go for something we’d really love to do. We decided to create an ongoing community of Clean practitioners. Starting with our launch in October 2022, we have created the backbone of a vibrant learning community by running long-term ongoing paths of training for both newcomers and experienced practitioners, based on our extensive set of courses.

We’ve re-structured our training to create a sustainable pace of learning, with more opportunities to integrate into your practice and business as you go. Which means you acquire deeper, more integrated skills faster.

As well as the training, we are creating opportunities for sharing and community across the training groups and opening ourselves to what wonderful emergent possibilities occur as community members become involved in shaping the community for themselves.

Currently with a 2 month free trial!

Training Paths

As part of your community membership, you can join a cohort of Clean learners on a journey of development. We’re offering two paths of learning in the community at the moment. This includes content that we previously charged around £3,000 for as individual programmes. This is all be included free as part of your membership subscription.

Clean Language for Beginners

Clean Language: Journey to Mastery

Advanced Clean Language

For practitioners who have trained to the level of Modules 1-4, we take your skills to a much deeper level.


Currently with a 2 month free trial!


The core community sessions will run from 5:00-7:30pm UK time on Mondays and Thursdays. Sessions are recorded so you can catch up if you can’t attend live.

Summary Timetable

Months Tuesdays 5:00-7:30pm (UK time) Thursdays 5:00-7:30pm (UK time)
Mar 5th 2024 onwards
  • Clean Jam – practice, Q&A and discussion topics

For advanced practitioners:

Jun 18th 2024 onwards
  • Clean Jam – practice, Q&A and discussion topics

For advanced practitioners:


We are interested in making our community accessible to as many people as possible. So, as well as an affodable monthly subscription that spreads the cost of training, we also have a sponsorship system, where you can apply for a discounted membership and other members of the communtity top-up your membership fee.

When you join, you get a free trial, so you can check the community is definitely for you.


    • We will occasionally take short breaks from the training sessions – for example over Christmas, August and potentially Easter; and also to take a breather between major training courses. There will still be optional community activities. As we intend people to be in the community long-term, the monthly subscription remains the same throughout the year, even on quieter months.
    • Please feel free to contact us with any questions

    Jackie Wilks - Executive Coach

    I have been blown away by the insights I get; the progress I make in my thinking and the clarity that can be achieved. Using Clean Language and metaphors appeals to the way my brain works and I love where it can take my thinking.

    Currently with a 2 month free trial!