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Clean Sandbox for Research

Clean Conference 2014

A playful place of exchange, collaboration, questioning and exploration – we welcome research projects at any stage, and the issues they provoke.

Sunday 8th June, 2.30-6pm

at the International Clean Conference 2014, 6th -8th June 2014

University of London Union, Malet St, London, WC1E 7HY

“Clean approaches” have developed out of 25 years of innovation by New Zealand psychotherapist David Grove. The general aim is to give an individual or group maximum opportunity to express themselves in their own way, and to explore and evolve their inner (metaphoric) world – with minimal imposition of other’s metaphors and assumptions. There are many Clean methodologies and at the heart of almost all of them is Clean Language. 

The last five years has seen a steady flow of papers published that either use a Clean approach as a research methodology or a Clean approach as the subject of the research. And there are more Clean-related research papers and projects in the pipeline. Most of the practical knowledge about how to undertake Clean-based research is stored in the minds of several dozen researchers. We want experienced and novice researchers to come together to share, learn and be inspired by this growing body of knowledge and expertise. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of how Clean-based approaches can enhance and add rigour to qualitative research methodologies. Come and join us and leave your mark on the field.

Clean Sandbox for Research is a new platform designed to highlight the emergence of Clean approaches in research and provide an opportunity for exchange to take place. Clean Sandbox is an invitation to initiate dialogue, discuss a range of research studies and explore key concerns for researchers using Clean: Clean methods, Clean methodologies and/or a Clean philosophy. The sandbox aims to foster connections and share experience, in a friendly, informal environment. It is open to anyone who is interested in participating in the development of a research culture in Clean, or finding out about the potential of Clean-based approaches in research. Participants may propose a specific contribution (see below) or attend without submitting a proposal.

Part of the International Clean Conference, Sandbox participants will be able to choose from a range of excellent workshops and presentations during the morning session, attend the keynote presentation and mix with conference delegates over a light buffet lunch, prior to Clean Sandbox for Research.

Clean Sandbox for Research will feature a range of interactions including

  • Introductions from world-leaders using Clean approaches in research James Lawley, The Developing Company and Dr. Paul Tosey, Surrey University
  •  Mini-case study presentations introducing the rich diversity of Clean-based research
  • Discussion groups exploring principles and challenges of Clean research
  • Short activities for rapid exchange

Expressions of interest are warmly invited from people pursuing research in relation to Clean approaches who wish to share their work in a supportive environment.  

We welcome proposals of: case studies for a five or ten minute presentation, speakers for discussion groups (please outline your own approach to research, experience and the issue you wish to contribute for discussion), posters, and alternative formats (please outline your objectives, approach to research, proposed format and requirements, including time and number of participants).

Case study contributions are invited on any area relating to the theory and/or practice of Clean, in any discipline and using any research approach. For example:

  • Case studies or evaluations of Clean approaches applied within any field of practice, including business and management, education, health and psychotherapy.
  • Action research projects that use Clean approaches to achieve practical outcomes.
  • Examples of a Clean approach as research methodology.
  • Critical and scholarly appraisals of Clean approaches – theory and concepts.

Proposals should highlight:

  • A clear key point that can be communicated and illustrated/evidenced effectively in 10 minutes.
  • Practical experience with Clean approaches in research (if any).

All proposals should state clearly: your name, organisation or affiliation (if any), contact details, type of contribution you wish to propose (case study for presentation or discussion, speaker for discussion, poster, alternative format), requirements (if any), abstract (max. 150 words) and short biography (max. 60 words).

Please submit your proposal to info@cleanchange.co.uk with ‘Sandbox for Research’ in the subject-line, by 31st March 2014.

Notification of acceptance will be provided by 24th April 2014.

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