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For a convenient taste of Clean Language alongside NLP, check out the NLP Conference in London. Organiser Jo Hogg is a big fan of Clean Language, and was a longstanding friend of David Grove, so she usually find space for some Clean Language in the NLP programme. For the 2009 event, both James Lawley and Wendy Sullivan are scheduled as presenters: they will be exploring different aspects of using Clean Language in an NLP context.

The Conference takes place from 13-15 November 2009 and is expected to sell out, so book early. This year it has moved from Regent’s College to the Britannia International Hotel in Canary Wharf. Other presenters at the Conference who have an interest in Clean Language alongside NLP include Fran Burgess, Sue Knight, Reg Connolly and Bob Janes. NLPconf-presenting-at

Below are details of James and Wendy’s Conference sessions.

James Lawley: Systemic Outcome Orientation

Whatever happens during a session, excellent facilitators, coaches and therapists always seem to know where to go next. They are able to pursue a line of questioning and to navigate elegantly through the client’s information. To find out how they do this Penny Tompkins and I undertook a modelling project. Our exemplars were David Grove, Steve De Shazer, Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas (and ourselves).

We were particularly interested in contexts where the facilitator worked in a bottom-up, systemic way, i.e. where the overall outcome and flow of the process emerged out of the interaction. I shall present our resulting model of Systemic Outcome Orientation or ‘Vectoring’ for short. While I shall focus on how Vectoring works one-to-one, it is also applicable to many situations including training, chairing a meeting, sales, interviewing, etc.

James Lawley is a Clean Language and NLP modeller who also happens to be a UKCP registered NLP psychotherapist (since 1993), an NLPtCA supervisor, coach in business, and certified NLP trainer. He is a co-developer of Symbolic Modelling which incorporates the Clean Language of David Grove, and has co-authored Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling and a training DVD, A Strange and Strong Sensation.

Wendy Sullivan: Getting your just deserts

On those many occasions when you hear (or say), ‘I just need to… focus, make a start, say no, make time, do it… ‘, you can be reasonably sure that it isn’t going to happen any time soon.  Of course ‘just’ can mean something is easy to do, but this chameleon word often actually means the opposite, while pretending it is simple and doesn’t need any further attention. In this interactive session participants will explore their ‘justs’, discover how their structure means that they get in the way of change, and gain insight into how to make sure that their ‘justs’ get their just deserts.

Wendy Sullivan is a certified trainer of NLP and works internationally as a trainer, coach, psychotherapist and specialist trainer of Clean Language. Her clients include both private individuals and corporate clients. With Judy Rees, Wendy owns Clean Change Company, and they have authored an Amazon best-seller, ‘Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds’.

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