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Skills4Success, a Clean-based programme to help people find work has proved a runaway success.

Course leader Nancy Doyle of said: “A recent evaluation of all our courses since 2004 showed that 68% of our participants found work and are still there now. This compares to 32% of people in similar positions who don’t come on the course. And 100% of our participants finished their college course, compared to 60% of non-participants.”

Nancy and her colleague Emma Dalrymple have been delivering the programme in Brent since 2004, at the College of North West London, responding to the college’s observation that many people registered on vocational courses failed to find work as a result, including those who needed a job to complete their course.

Skills4Success covers:

  • Building rapport and communicating effectively
  • Team work
  • Setting and achieving personal outcomes
  • Re-creating and maintaining a confident state
  • Practical cold calling and CV writing sessions
  • Interview preparation (including presenting styles)
  • Mock interviews with other staff
  • Effective job search techniques.

Asked what makes this course so successful?, Nancy continued: “Rather than applying techniques to the participants or doing things for them, we only do things that that we can teach the participants to do on their own.  Participants are facilitated to coach each other and develop their own ideas.  The majority of time is spent in group discussion, small group and pair working and on practical activities, as opposed to listening or writing.

” We believe that the expertise on overcoming barriers to employment lies with the participants themselves – we don’t know better than them – and our job is to enable them to learn from their own and each other’s experience.

“The next steps for Skills4Success is to branch out – we are looking for partners who think the course would be useful for them or their client group.  We want to train others to run the course in their own organisations so that it becomes sustainable within the wider system and can run independently of us.”

Nancy Doyle

Chartered Organisational Psychologist

Training Attention Ltd

07957 591 329

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