Clean Conference Key Note Session, 20 May 2012: Cei Davies Linn

Clean Conference 2012

In The Presence of the Past: The Inherent Logic of Epistemological Metaphors

David Grove recognised that therapeutic discourse has its own inherent grammar and syntax. He developed conditions that achieved a faithful accuracy between the therapist’s questions and the information contained in the traumatic event. The result was Clean Language. His process was Information Centred. Clean Language questions develop Epistemological Metaphors that access the deep structure of the client’s original experience, often imperceptible or missed in conventional therapies. The deep structure is accessed through the development of Epistemological Metaphors. Epistemology asks the question, “How do you know what you know”? David and Cei developed these principles that utilise primary process language to address a broad spectrum of psychological issues. The language used during a therapeutic intervention determines the efficiency for the ‘trans-formative’ change. “You are only as good as your next question and as successful as your last”.
This interactive presentation will transport you into the “Presence of the Past” as Cei, who had the closest collaboration with David, focuses on two of his many innovations, Clean Language and Epistemological Metaphors.
Participants will leave with knowledge of how the application of these principles made their way into clinics; consulting rooms, hospitals and universities around the world over the last thirty five years.  You will be offered a lens through which you can observe the origins of deep structure questions and learn how to place a question with faithful accuracy.  You will identify how to be Information Centred and to be as good as your next question.

Level of Clean Experience Required: None

Cei Davies Linn’s partnership with David Grove, inventor of innovations such as Clean Language and Epistemological Metaphors, spanned three decades and closely involved her in the early evolution and development of his innovative work. Together they conducted workshops and retreats that included travelling to the four corners of the earth. Their collaboration also resulted in a series of training materials for professional counsellors. Later, on the recommendation of R.D. Laing with whom they occasionally co-presented, David and Cei also ran a retreat and seminar centre for ten years in Eldon, Missouri. Previously Cei has been a nursing sister and went on to hold the post of Senior Psychotherapist at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton. She currently lives and works in Northamptonshire.

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