Case study: Change in the National Audit Office

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Amicas case study: National Audit Office

The National Audit Office (NAO) commissioned Amicas to help it achieve some key outcomes for the strategic change programme it had launched six months previously.  The programme was spearheaded through an innovative leadership and management development programme, to introduce new management ideas intothe organisation.

Amicas facilitated an off-site ‘away day’ for key people in the Change Team who were to introduce the change.  The day used Amicas’ tried and tested, rapid-results methodology.

Criteria were established for measuring the success of the strategic change programme.  Amicas then worked with the team to elicit the intentions, role, and values of the brand, so that it immediately became clear what the change initiative was about, allowed for acknowledgment of existing skills of staff, and pointed the way to build on these.

Six months after the event, Robin Ryde, Director of Skills and Career Development said:

“With imaginative facilitation by Amicas, my team has taken fullownership ofour new leadership programme.  As a result the team has energised the programme, been very clear about communicating and selling it internally, and created the interest and demand that we needed. Only 6 months after the Amicas event we are noticing significant results.”

In the four months following the Amicas intervention, a third of the NAO has signed up to the change programme, including Board members. Staff are queuing up to become involved, and resistance to the changes that are taking place has declined noticeably.

Rosie Norgrove,Learning and Development Manager, said:

“The Amicas approach helped us to understand exactly what we wanted the programme to stand for. We developed a common language for the brand, its qualities and values.  Doing so allowed us to communicate much more easily, to make decisions, and actually to get results.”

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