Clean in Coaching and Therapy

Getting clear in Whitehall

Ken Smith, head of Learning and Development at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in Whitehall, has completed Modules 1-4 of our Clean training programme. He offered this example of how he used his skills at work. "One of my team had reached a time when...

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Symbolically modelling IBS

By Angela Dunbar, June 2008 My first coaching session with G. was pretty straightforward. We agreed to work together over 6 monthly sessions, and G. set 3 goals: To get more structure into her life (including fitness and social activities) To take better care of her...

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A Walk In The Park

Coach Cathy Foster says: “I have a client who is frequently ill and waiting for a big operation.  She can't be anywhere as near active as she normally is, and gets very down. “One day she was fed up with being stuck in her flat and very tired, so I...

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Transforming a violent, aggressive teenager

A 13-year-old boy was aggressive and sometimes violent, liable to ‘explode’ without warning in the classroom or playground. He was among a group of teenagers, all in danger of being excluded from their school in Derby, who were sent to independent learning...

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Clean Language Demonstration

By Angela Dunbar, coaching Christine Compton Introduction (Following a question about  how to introduce Clean Language into a coaching session) Our thoughts are so diverse and complicated that there aren’t really enough words in the English language to explain what...

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Perfect Paul

One of Wendy’s clients, Paul, wanted to be able to develop a long-term relationship with a woman and settle down with her. He discovered that he ‘put on a fantastic dressing up costume' so that a potential partner wouldn't see the real him and be put off...

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Coaching with Space

by Ken Smith, October 2007 Clean language and perceptual space Coaching aims to direct the client’s attention to new possibilities.  Clean Language does this in an explicitly non-interpretative way.  It uses a set of questions and a particular syntax...

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Management and Metaphor

Martin Roemer from Munich, Germany was asked by a colleague for help to develop a structure for the management book he is about to write. “He had around fifty pages of notes of ideas and concepts for the book, collected over quite some time. Apart from the...

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Fast change with Clean Language

Coach Jane Malyon had a client who had super-fast behaviour in every respect: driving at breakneck speed – he had written off two cars in two years - talking so fast it sounded like a foreign language, using drugs to boost his muscle-gaining speed in the gym etc. Just...

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