Clean in Business

Case study: Leadership skills

GlaxoSmithKline approached Wendy Sullivan to design a customized course for all employees with managerial or support functions to develop their key leadership skills. Intervention A customized, two-day interactive training course was designed and has been run on...

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Case study: Preparing a strategy workshop

A business wanted higher quality from its major supplier, and had agreed to hold a joint workshop involving representatives from both companies. Certified Clean facilitator Hans-Peter Wellke was called in by the meeting organiser as a catalyst and facilitator to...

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Using Clean with groups

Working with groups is a deep and rich topic – and an area in which Clean is developing quickly. Here'a an idea to whet your appetite, based on the Metaphors@Work process devised by Training Attention. One way in which Clean is used with groups is in team alignment...

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Case study: Facilitating NHS reorganisation

Amicas case study: South East London Shared Services Partnership The major reorganisation of health service delivery in South East London in 2002 led to the creation of a Shared Services Partnership (SELSSP) to provide non-clinical support services to Lambeth,...

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Case study: Change in the National Audit Office

Amicas case study: National Audit Office The National Audit Office (NAO) commissioned Amicas to help it achieve some key outcomes for the strategic change programme it had launched six months previously.  The programme was spearheaded through an innovative leadership...

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Case study: Using Clean to speed up meetings

A large, publicly-funded civil engineering project, which had lasted four years and involved partner organisations from five different countries, was drawing to a close. The challenge was to quickly and efficiently look back at the results of the project, and draw out...

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Case study: Senior executive search and recruitment

When recruiting for very senior roles (£400k+) in the pharmaceutical industry, as in any business, you can’t afford mistakes. Tightly defined frameworks allow detailed assessment of competencies, and standard interview and meeting protocols gather the views of...

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Case study: Successful door-to-door sales and fundraising

Greenmann is a commercial company employing a UK-wide force of fundraisers on behalf of a number of wildlife and conservation charities, selling memberships door-to-door. After winning a major new contract, the company wanted to improve the results achieved by their...

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Creating a Clean business strategy with Clean Space

by Judy Rees First published in The Model magazine, March 2006 You've probably heard about Clean Space, one of the newer innovations from David Grove, originator of Clean Language. Perhaps you read James Lawley's article about it in the last edition of The Model? It's...

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Clean gets people working

Skills4Success, a Clean-based programme to help people find work has proved a runaway success. Course leader Nancy Doyle of said: “A recent evaluation of all our courses since 2004 showed that 68% of our participants found work and are...

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