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Case study: Leadership skills

Applications of Clean, Clean in Business

GlaxoSmithKline approached Wendy Sullivan to design a customized course for all employees with managerial or support functions to develop their key leadership skills.


A customized, two-day interactive training course was designed and has been run on average twice a year since 1999.

Using a range of tools for professional and personal development, and making use of accelerated learning techniques, Wendy matched the objectives of the course with the leadership skills that GlaxoSmithKline had defined as core to their business.

Content covered on the course includes NLP principles and techniques, and other advanced communication skills approaches, for example: rapport building, managing your mood, outcome setting, making mental movies, reframing, spotting and using people’s thinking patterns, uncovering beliefs and changing them, tapping into people’s values and using metaphors.

Meetings and contact with HR team members between the trainings has made it possible to update the material covered on the course as changes in the business are made, keeping the course content very closely aligned to what the business wishes the staff to achieve.

Wendy’s long-term involvement on site has enabled her to notice consistent patterns in individual and group behaviour and to offer these insights to the business. Her relationships across the extended leadership team provide a unique perspective that the business has been able to harness on other projects too, for example, in coaching individuals and in running team alignment events.


A very satisfied customer. The project sponsor Stuart McFarlane (HR Director, GlaxoSmithKline, WSO Consumer Healthcare, Maidenhead) said: “It was excellent to see a provider who worked to our needs rather than offering an off-the-shelf product.

“This, coupled with their style of delivery, proved invaluable in enhancing our people’s leadership skills and bringing about a step-change in thinking style and culture.”

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