Can I find Clean Language on Amazon?


Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds by Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees is published by Crown House and is available from Amazon worldwide.

Clean Language has been an category bestseller since early in 2009, when it gained a number one spot in its initial category, Mental Health and Illness. This followed the publication of an article about Clean Language in a supplement to the Observer newspaper. Since then, the book has continued to rank highly in that category and in other, additional categories, and has regularly been listed within the top 10,000 books on sale in the UK – regarded within the industry as a fairly major achievement for a specialist book. At the date of writing, Clean Language is about to be reprinted for the second time.

Reader reviews for Clean Language on Amazon give a flavour of what to expect from the book. Lynne Cooper, author of Business NLP For Dummies, writes: “This book has been very carefully crafted by the authors to lead the reader effortlessly through the theory and practise of Clean Language. It’s clearly written, making this complex subject totally accessible… Sullivan and Rees have led me to revise my belief that Clean Language cannot be learned from a book. They have created a highly readable, practical book that contributes much to this fast developing field.”

Bob Selden, author of What To Do When You Become The Boss, writes: “This is a great book. If you are really interested in helping other people, then I would suggest reading this book, undertaking the activities, then reading it again. It’s one that I will certainly be using in my role as management and leadership coach and facilitator. Highly recommended.”

Andrew Bradbury, author of a number of books on NLP and associated subjects, says: “…This book is far from being limited to just a basic description of the questions and the overall process. It shows how Clean Language can be used constructively in a wide range of contexts – including using it on yourself (in the privacy of your own head!), as well as with other people. And all the way through, the book positively sparkles with the little hints and observations that mark the authors as being genuinely experienced and effective in the skill that they are describing.”

The other specialist Clean Language book available on Amazon is Metaphors in Mind by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, and the two books make an excellent ‘package deal’. The Sullivan and Rees book can be regarded as a kind of ‘prequel’ to Lawley and Tompkins’ denser, more specialist work, making the subject more accessible to beginners and getting you started in using Clean Language. We recommend you move on to the Lawley and Tompkins book once you have grasped the principles of Clean Language and begun to practise it yourself.

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