Book review: Business NLP For Dummies by Lynne Cooper

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Want a straightforward, practical book to help you make a start with NLP? If you work in any kind of business or organisation, this one fits the bill.

All the most useful concepts and activities from the world of NLP are here, potted into neat bite-sized pieces. And, at last, Clean Language takes its rightful place among them – as far as I know, this is the first mainstream NLP title to include it as a specific topic.

Pragmatic and practical, Lynne Cooper focuses on the real and the realistic. In simple step-by-step instructions, she suggests ways for the reader to change themselves, which in turn may influence others.

Her style of NLP is low on esoteric mystery, and steers clear of ‘manipulation’ using the cleverest linguistic tricks, which may feel like ‘dumbing down’ to a few NLPers. But I believe it’s hugely valuable in welcoming newcomers to our field.

For example, her ‘Five Minute Coach’ model is based on Clean Language, it largely strips away the Clean view of metaphor. When I first heard about it, I thought that seemed a shame – metaphor is a fascinating aspect of the Clean approach which I feel passionate about. But the truth is that if this model gets people interested, they will follow up Cooper’s references and soon discover more in-depth material.

Cooper is working to make NLP-based concepts more accessible, while acknowledging sources and offering links, and so helping people to explore further. This exciting world of thinking about thinking doesn’t have a single entrance, hidden at the back of an obscure spare-room wardrobe: in this book there dozens of possible ways in, which may suit many more people. I wonder what happens next?

Judy Rees

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