A Walk In The Park

Clean in Coaching and Therapy

Coach Cathy Foster says: “I have a client who is frequently ill and waiting for a big operation.  She can’t be anywhere as near active as she normally is, and gets very down.

“One day she was fed up with being stuck in her flat and very tired, so I asked her to come on a virtual walk with me over the phone using Clean Language.

“She ‘took’ me on a walk to her local park, and we went to many places.  She discovered that even when she is stuck in her hospital bed, her spirit can go free to many places. 

“Then she discovered that she believes she will live and be better after her operation – a huge recognition for her.

“She remembers very little, other than being very relaxed and that it was a good ‘walk’.  However knowing about her self-belief about her future has helped me to help her through some rough times.”  

Cathy Foster


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