A. The Professional Clean Coach Programme

This programme, now in its seventh year, is the only Clean Coach training accredited by a professional coaching body - the AC, UK’s largest coach association. It's a comprehensive training that encompasses all the skills and knowledge you’ll require to coach professionally. Our next training will be delivered on Zoom, with Stage 1 and Stage 2 starting in Feb 2021and Stage 3 concluding in July 2021. Please contact us for specific times of Zoom calls.

-A pathway to becoming accredited as a coach

-An Association for Coaching (AC) Accredited Coach Training Certificate

-100+ hours of learning with the experts in Clean Coaching

-A mix of practice and theory with a wide range of coaching tools

-A staged programme over around 6 months to maximise your learning

Who is it for?

-Anyone who would like to qualify as a professional coach (life, executive, business or other)

-People wishing to bring coaching into their leadership approach

-Practising coaches who wish to more fully embrace a Clean approach in their work

-Those with an interest in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling who wish to develop their skills further


What will you learn? 

-An extensive range of Clean and Cleanish Coaching models and techniques

-The practical skills of integrating Clean into coaching conversations

-Managing your coaching presence

-Your unique style of coaching – your coaching approach

-Core coaching competencies to deliver professional, safe and productive coaching assignments, for example:

i.   Excellent contracting – with the client, and any other stakeholders such as sponsor, manager etc.

ii.  Working ethically – including setting clear boundaries

iii. Evaluating coaching effectiveness

iv.  Developing the skills of reflective practice

v.   Managing your on-going professional development as a coach


The Professional Clean Coach Programme introduces you to all of this – you’ll learn all you need to get your coaching career started, including some practical insights into developing your coaching business.


What’s in it for you?
-Gain all the skills and knowledge required to coach successfully

-Undertake extensive coaching practice, reflective practice, and supervision

-Explore your needs in relation to developing your coaching practice /business

-Build your motivation and confidence to get started on your coaching career

-Earn an accredited coaching certificate plus the foundations to apply for your own accreditation as a coach

-Benefit from student membership of the Association for Coaching for a year

-Receive a copy of The Five-Minute Coach: Improve Performance Rapidly, co-authored by Lynne Cooper


Why become a Clean Coach?
Coaching is designed to raise awareness, gain perspectives, identify possibilities and take action to achieve goals and reach potential. Coaching techniques based on Clean Language questions and Clean methodologies are non-directive yet powerful. Clean coaching supports coachees to reflect, explore, take responsibility and transform their thinking and behaviours to attain the outcomes they desire.



These are the Professional Clean Coach Modules and Workshops, with their approximate next dates:*

Delivery will be via Zoom, with sessions of about 3 – 4 hours in length, with breaks.

(Workshops and modules in orange are open workshops and also form part of the Professional Clean Coach programme)

Stage 1 Modules

Clean Language Foundation Modules 1-4, 25 Feb – 27 May 2021


Stage 2 Workshops

-The Five-Minute Coach, 25 April – 16 July 2021
-Introduction to Professional Coaching, 22 & 26 February 2021
-Coaching with Metaphor, 8 & 12 March 2021


Stage 3 Workshops

-Developing the Coaching Toolkit, 21 & 29 April 2021
-Space Matters: Coaching with Space and Movement, 7 & 10 June 2021
-Creating your Coaching Practice, 21 & 28 June 2021


*Please contact us for specific webinar times: info@cleanchange.co.uk or +44 (0)20 8400 4832


What’s required to graduate with your AC Accredited Training Certificate?
-Attend the training programme in full

-Undertake directed self-study including reading, reflective practice and written assignments such as a learning log, personal coaching approach and coaching case study

-Conduct at least 20 hours of coaching practice outside of the training room

-Attend 3 coaching supervision sessions


Previous participants have said:

“The Professional Clean Coach training was superb and led by two great coaches.  There was masses of information about being ‘in the business’ of being a professional coach and lots of opportunities for fine-tuning your own coaching skills. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their ‘Clean Coaching business’ to a new level.” – Lesley Downs 

“I recommend this course to new coaches.  It’s content rich and gives practical applications for those wanting to set up their coaching business and develop their coaching skills and practice.” -  Henrietta Laitt 


Your tutors

Lynne Cooper, of Change Perspectives, is the co-developer of the Five-Minute Coach and co-author of the book of the same name. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Lynne is an Accredited Master Executive Coach and an honorary life fellow of the Association for Coaching. She is an accredited coaching supervisor, an experienced coach trainer, a Certified Clean Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner and author.

Wendy Sullivan is a renowned expert in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, working across the globe; she has been delivering Clean trainings for nerly 20 years. Wendy is a coach, a team coach, a certified NLP Trainer and an accredited psychotherapist. She runs Clean Change Company and is co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds.

Dr Paul Field will train with Wendy on Clean Language Modules when he is able to do so.


Special early bird offers

-Stages 2 and 3 of Professional Clean Coach (for those who have already completed Stage 1) Early bird: save £200.00 – pay only £1548.00* (Full fee is £1748.00)

Includes webinars, supervision and support and one-year’s free student membership of the Association for Coaching


-The entire Professional Clean Coach (Stages 1, 2 and 3) Early bird: save £431 – pay only £1999.00* (Full fee is £2430.00)

 Includes webinars, supervision and support and one-year’s free student membership of the Association for Coaching


*Payments can be made by instalment on request


Link to yearly training calendar

Link to Five-Minute Coach training

Link to Clean Modules 1 – 4

£1,548.00 — £1,999.00