S. Resolving Inner Conflict with Persona Modelling

Join us for this innovative workshop and learn a robust process for working with multiple personas! Dates to be confirmed shortly.

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Often clients have issues where one part of them wants something but another part doesn’t, or it wants something that conflicts.

Clean Language provides the tools to reveal and model these two (or more) ‘personas’, but how can you help them resolve their differences? And what do you do if they want to destroy or annihilate each other? Or if there are more than two personas?

This training programme will teach you to notice the different personas in a client’s metaphors, to understand their conflicts and to help them start working together for the benefit of your client. Our approach to this fascinating topic has wide applicability and you will develop your Clean Language Skills at the same time.


Watch Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan’s session from the fabulous Metaphorum2016: ‘It’s all about me… and me… and me’

Follow along with your own personas to get a taste of our Persona Modelling process, and to reach new insights relating to an inner conflict you’ve been experiencing, where part of you wants one thing, and another part wants something different.



Our ‘Resolving Inner Conflict with Persona Modelling’ course: what’s in it for you?

Learn to identify when client issues resulting from conflicted personas
Learn the Persona Modelling process
Understand personas’ outcomes and underlying agendas
Help personas to become powerful resources for the client
Elegantly resolve inner conflicts
Discuss applications to multi-person and team situations
Develop Clean Language skills


If you’d like personal coaching relating to your own personas

If you have some personas of your own that you would like to work with, Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan both work as persona coaches. Email info@cleanchange.co.uk and Paul or Wendy will get back to you to arrange to have an initial chat. 


Your trainers/coaches

Dr Paul Field is director of Clarity of Purpose and specialises in using Clean in business. He is the creator of the SPARC model, as well as a trainer, coach, regular conference speaker and author. Paul is a Certified Clean Facilitator and member of the Clean Research Group and The Developing Group.

Wendy Sullivan runs Clean Change Company, which provides an extensive Clean training programme, and offers facilitation and coaching for individuals and teams.  Wendy is co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and is a coach, a certified NLP Trainer and an accredited psychotherapist.  Wendy works internationally and has delivered regular Clean trainings and coaching for about fourteen years.


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