A. The Ultimate Training Package: Clean Skills + The Professional Clean Coach

Dates: Any Module 1 - 4 training, plus any Parts 1 and 2 of the Professional Clean Coach training. Professional coaches increasingly report that working Cleanly is the most powerful way in which they can support their clients to achieve their outcomes. If you plan to learn how to coach using Clean Language and metaphor, we have an exceptional package for you, with the added advantage of a special offer. Book now!

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More about the Package

The Ultimate Training Package is designed to maximise your background knowledge, your practical skills and your confidence, and it will be delivered by very experienced Clean trainers/ coaches/authors in the field.  Completing the package means that your certificate will include the Association for Coaching’s ‘Accredited Certificate in Coach Training’ award – very valuable if you’re heading towards becoming an accredited coach.



Modular Clean Training can be done face-to-face or by Zoom.  The Professional Clean Coach is face-to-face training and all face-to-face training takes place in greater London, UK


What does the Ultimate Package comprise?

1.  Any of our Module 1 – 4 Clean Language training courses (face-to-face or by Zoom).  If you train face-to-face, you will cover all the essentials of Clean Language and Clean Space in 7 intensive days, with Wendy Sullivan.  By Skype, the training is more gradual, with each module taking 6 – 8 weeks, with a 2-hour interactive call plus some facilitation practice and other homework each week.  For more on our Clean Language and Clean Space training, Modules 1 – 4, please click here.


2.  Either before or after your Foundation modules 1 -4 Clean Training, complete our 6-day Professional Clean Coach Training, focusing on a range of practical Clean coaching models and the additional skills that professional coaches need, such as excellent contracting; working ethically – setting clear boundaries; building a coaching presence and lots more.  With Lynne Cooper and Wendy Sullivan.  For more on The Professional Clean Coach, please click here.

And having completed both trainings, you’ll receive your certificate with the Association for Coaching’s ‘Accredited Certificate in Coach Training’ award: very valuable if you’re heading towards being an accredited coach.

Special offer

Book Modules 1 – 4 Clean Language training plus the Professional Clean Coach together and receive all this for £2070.99. The full price is over £2430.00, meaning that you get an generous discount of over 15%.



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