Modules 1 - 4 Training DVDs

A unique opportunity to purchase professionally recorded DVD's of Clean Language Training Modules 1 to 4! Purchase all four at a discount.

DVDs of Clean Language Training Modules 1 – 4

With Clean Change Company’s ethos of sharing and spreading the word about Clean Language, we present our boxed sets of DVDs covering our foundation level training in Clean Language and Clean Space.

This is the first time a filmed version of our training has been made available and we have produced them to provide a resource for all who have contacted us from far-flung corners of the world, wanting a cost-effective way to start learning to use Clean Language. Filmed during our 2010 Summer School Training, the DVDs clearly and effectively provide the content of the modules so that your learning can come alive when it suits you, at home, with the bonus of feeling part of the training group.

Features of these DVDs:

*  Participation of guest trainers / facilitators enriches your learning: Penny Tompkins, James Lawley, Rupert Meese, Margaret Meyer, Julie McCracken and Andy Nelson.

*  A rare filmed client session by internationally respected, leading proponents of Clean Language, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley.

*   Each Module comes as a boxed set with a booklet containing the key questions, models and frameworks for that Module.

*   The DVDs include theory, Q and A sessions, demonstrations by experienced Clean Language facilitators, the setting up of group activities, debriefs and discussions.

*   The DVDs illustrate the humanity, gentleness, creativity, humour, fun, and evidence of change that are all part of the training.

Introductory offer:

Module One:   Introduction to Clean Language and Metaphor  3 DVDs £40.99

Module Two:   Targeting Change    3 DVDs   £40.99

Module Three: Change for Good     4 DVDs   £54.97 *One DVD is of Penny Tompkins & James Lawley facilitating a client in a change-work session.

Module Four:  Space for Success    3 DVDs   £40.99

£40.99 — £158.29