R. Module 8 by Zoom: Integration and Application

Integration and application: applying Clean principles out in the world. Module 8 is our integration module in which you’ll assimilate all you’ve learned into a coherent Clean approach. This is an opportunity to super-charge your facilitation and modelling skills, consider how you’ll embody Clean principles in all you do, and experiment with designing new Clean processes that are appropriate to a wide range of situations and contexts. Next 'live' dates will be arranged once live training is safe. Dates for the pilot of our Zoom-based Module 8 training will be arranged shortly.


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In Module 8 you will:

  • Enhance your facilitation, design, adaptation and creative abilities
  • Utilise the models of Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent in a joined-up way
  • Enrich your responsiveness, modelling skills, systemic thinking and ability to sort for significance
  • Take Clean principles, models and processes and tailor them to different contexts
  • Create new processes from core principles, retaining a Clean methodology all the way through
  • Use Clean to be creative
  • Learn to create conditions for emergence
  • Enhance your ability to pick out what matters most – what’s salient.

£495.99 — £802.78