J. Module 6: Modelling Uniquely

Every client is a wonderfully unique individual. How much of what they are saying and doing do you really notice? How can you expand your capacity to take in and use more of their information as it emerges? Dates: Face-to-face: TBC; Zoom distance training: Sept 2019

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Can you learn to be guided by the uniqueness of the individual, to notice and trust whatever’s happening in “real time”, and to direct the client’s attention even more exquisitely?

In Module 6 you will:

  • Develop the strength, purpose and flexibility to take control of a session while staying Clean
  • Master the knack of bringing metaphors to life so they become ‘real’ for the client, who will experience them happening in the room
  • Find out when and how to lead your client towards what they are not attending to
  • Learn to ‘catch the wave’ when transformation starts to happen right before your eyes
  • Practice noticing patterns, meta-patterns and meta-meta-patterns, and find contexts where this is valuable
  • Explore how you can most usefully direct your own attention while facilitating
  • Enhance your real-time modelling skills
  • Use whatever happens, as it happens, including the inherent logic of the client’s system

Delivered by Dr Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan.

“This particular module offered a fantastic opportunity for both learning, and experiencing while other people were facilitating .” Sheena Bailey, business consultant

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£495.00 — £891.00