L. Module 4 by Zoom: Space for Success

Get moving! The final frontier of foundation-level Clean training, this module will take you and your clients to new and exciting places, where amazing discoveries emerge. Expect to change the way you think about the way we think. Next Accelerated Zoom Training starts 13 May and ends 27 May 2021. Next Gradual Zoom Training starts in Nov 2021 and ends in Dec 2021. Both trainings involve pre-work and practising between the interactive calls.

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-Learn and experience some of David Grove’s most powerful processes for change, including Clean Space

-Discover how to Cleanly get things moving, activating a person’s potential

-Uncover the deeper meanings beyond everyday spatial metaphors such as containers, paths, boundaries and more

-Exploit ‘analysis of the obvious’ by bringing the background into the foreground as an elegant and precise lever for change

-Use the latest theories of networks, systems and emergence to enable profound transformation

-Find out how and why physical space makes such as difference in our lives

-Work with different kinds of spaces to get a new perspective on problems and outcomes

-Enjoy the synchronicities which emerge when space is your co-facilitator

-Gain tools to create unique interventions with groups and individuals

-Experience the power of embodied metaphor

-Combine Clean Language with space and movement

-Give your ‘directive’ self an outing while remaining Clean!

Who should attend

-Adventurous change workers willing to try something new and different!
-Coaches, therapists, consultants etc who aspire to ‘get this clients fully engaged ’, and who want a highly effective way of doing this
-Trainers and business managers looking for better results from  classroom sessions and/or meetings
-Body workers, health professionals, sports coaches etc – people with an awareness of the physical.



We are now offering our Modules in two formats:

Gradual Zoom training, with one interactive call of 2 hours per week (plus some pre-work and practice between calls). 


Accelerated Zoom training, with two four-hour interactive calls – with breaks – per week (plus  pre-work and practice between calls).

The dates and times of the interactive calls can be influenced by those on the training.

In more detail, there will be:

-Module 4 DVDs of a live training.   They allow you to listen to the content more than once if you wish to.
-For the Gradual Zoom Training there will be 8 interactive Zoom calls lasting about 2 hours. 

For the Accelerated Zoom Training there will be four four-hour interactive Zoom calls.

These calls are used for questions and discussion about the content of the module and other pre-work, and for demos and group activities. Sometimes we may split into smaller groups to do an activity, each group led by a trainer or assistant.  Any assistants are very experienced Clean facilitators who have a wealth of Clean experience.  
-7 x pre-work  activities. E.g. reading the manual, analysing a transcript or completing a work sheet (about 1-1.5 hours a week).
-1 –  1 ¾  hours facilitating/being facilitated in a small practice group of 2 or 3 people.  Working across different time zones can make it tricky to get three people together, and so the practice  groups may consist of you and one other.)

A trainer or assistant will listen in to 3 of your practice group sessions.

The times/dates on which the practice groups meet is up to the groups themselves to arrange, so you can plan those sessions around the availability of the group members.

This module completes the foundation-level Certification syllabus.

The course will be taught by Wendy Sullivan co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds , one of the world’s most experienced Clean trainers. Dr Paul Field, an exceptional modeller and trainer, will co-train if and when his schedule permits.


Some useful information

It is possible to miss one or more interactive group calls: we record the interactive calls so that anyone who has missed something can listen later (and those who attended can listen again if they wish to).

The modules can be booked one at a time, or all together. See below for discounts for booking more than one module at a time.


Please phone +44 (0)20 8400 4832 or email info@cleanchange.co.uk for further information.


Book  two modules together and you save 10%


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