D. Module 2: Targeting change

Want to harness the power of Clean Language and metaphor to promote concrete, lasting change in those you work with? This Module will provide the precision tools you need to see perfect solutions emerge, and to get people moving in exactly the direction that’s right for them. Next Date: Face-to-face: 16 & 17 May (one and a half days) or join the next Zoom-based training, beginning 6 March 2019

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Clean is much more than coaching. It taps into the very ‘stuff of thought’ to facilitate transformation — in boardrooms, in healthcare, in classrooms and more.  What kind of difference will it make for you and your clients?

In this Module, you will:

  • Learn a systematic structure to direct your Clean sessions towards positive change
  • Develop the confidence to choose your next Clean question wisely
  • Have fun ‘zooming in and out’ as you explore metaphoric landscapes
  • Discover the metaphors in ‘body language’ and how to use them Cleanly
  • Get in touch with metaphors for feelings
  • Watch metaphors develop ‘a life of their own’ as transformative change takes off.

You’ll be introduced to Penny Tompkins and James Lawley’s PRO model, which will help you avoid being drawn into problem ‘black holes’.

With these tools you’ll be equipped to use Clean  ‘in the moment’, combining it with your existing approaches to change, or using it as a standalone methodology.

The course will be taught by co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds Wendy Sullivan, one of the world’s most experienced Clean trainers.

This module extends your Clean Language skills (learned on Clean Change Company’s Module 1 or with one of a number of other training organisations) into situations where development and change, rather than exploration and understanding, is the intended outcome.

You can expect your life to change, too. You’ll be revealing steps on your own path to successfully living the life of your dreams. Nobody leaves a Clean Change training without exciting new experiences in their own personal growth!

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