H.Module 5 by Zoom: Modelling Universally

Are you ready to take your skills to the advanced level, and reap the full benefits of the Clean approach? Imagine yourself beginning the path to mastery. The advanced Modules, dubbed the 'Jedi' Modules by our participants, will inform your understanding of people and transform your practice of Clean. Next Zoom date: begins 10 June 2019; Live Module 5 next dates: TBC

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The entire training will be covered remotely.  Usually, all you will need for the interactive calls is an up-to-date version of Zoom (free to download), and perhaps a headset with a mic, and webcam.

In Module 5 you will:

  • Step back to see the bigger picture, exploring fundamental models of human perception, development and growth and how they relate to Clean facilitation
  • Learn to direct your Clean questions to specific details with pinpoint accuracy – or to use them to encompass entire landscapes
  • Practice using metaphors of scales, hierarchies, levels and thresholds to take your facilitation skills to another level
  • Gain tools to help clients escape stuck states
  • Learn a useful response to clients’ endless explanations
  • Beyond the Framework for Change, discover another six approaches to facilitating  change when it doesn’t happen on its own
  • Explore ‘REPRO’, broadening your grasp of the nature of clients’ ‘stuff’ and your ability to work fruitfully with groups and individuals

In more detail, there will be:

  • 8 recorded teaching sessions (in MP3 format, lasting about an hour).  This allows you to listen to the content more than once if you wish to.
  • 8 interactive Zoome calls lasting about 2 hours. These calls are used for questions and discussion about the recorded teaching content, and for demos and group activities. Sometimes we may split into smaller groups to do an activity, each group led by a trainer or assistant.  Assistants are very experienced Clean facilitators who have a wealth of Clean experience.
  • 8 sets of pre-work/ practice activities
  • about 1 –  1 ¾  hours facilitating/being facilitated in a small practice group of 2 or 3 people (depending upon numbers, and upon times that participants are available.  Working across different time zones can make it tricky to get three people together, and so the prac  groups may consist of you and one other.)  A trainer or  assistant will listen in to 3 practice group sessions.
  • up to about an hour of other activities such as reading the handout manual,  perhaps analysing a transcript, going through a worksheet-type exercise etc .

The course will be run over about 9 weeks withs a week’s break in the middle.  It is possible to miss an interactive session, and to make up a missed practice group session: we record the interactive sessions.

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