1. 2 days to hone your skills: Day 1: Psychoactive Metaphor Landscapes; Day 2: Cleanish Coaching

Would you like to hone your Clean and coaching skills – taking them to a higher level of mastery and using them in far more situations? Paul Field and I have been running some sessions to experiment with new Clean techniques and new training approaches, and have designed two further stand-alone days with new tools and deeper refinement of the classic techniques that pack significant coaching punch. That’s all mixed with the deep learning and fun that characterise all our trainings. Join us next time we run these two exceptional days!

The feedback from our last day, called “Dive Deeper into Clean Coaching and Facilitation” was fantastic, so we hope you can join us for either one or both of our November days!  Here’s what participants said about “Dive Deeper”:

“I really loved it – it helps being focussed on getting a really good foundation”
“Very insightful – gave direction to my learning”
“I was having lots of fun”
“I liked both of your easy manner and deep knowledge of what you are doing”
“I learn so much from having such excellent supervision”


22 Nov 2018  – Day 1: Psychoactive metaphor landscapes, 10:00 – 16:00 GMT, west London, with Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan

At the core of the power of Clean is the ability to develop a client’s metaphor landscape and encourage psychoactivity. Our explorations and observation have led us to believe that most facilitators use only a fraction of this power, making life harder for themselves and being less effective for their clients. Come and experience an in-depth exploration of this fundamental topic with new training techniques designed to take your skills to a whole new level.


23 Nov 2018   -  Day 2: Cleanish Coaching, 10:00 – 16:00 GMT, west London, with Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan

Learn and deepen your expertise with the essential tools for working in conversational and non-coaching contexts. We’ll learn new models for being contextually clean and conversationally clean. Plus we’ll explore when it may be better to avoid “pure” clean with a coaching client. These are tools you can use daily in a vast array of interactions with friends, family, clients and work colleagues.


Do you want to join us?

These two days require a Clean foundation and you’ll need to have about 7 days of Clean training to join us.

Price is £75 per day, with a 10% discount if you join us for both days (that’s £15.00 discount). Plus there are free chocolate biscuits for all attendees.

£75.00 — £127.50