E. The Five-Minute Coach by Zoom

Fast to learn and easy to use, the Five-Minute Coach is a pragmatic, Clean Language-based coaching tool for busy managers and coaches. This training is being delivered via Zoom at present and next runs April - July 2021. See text for specific dates and times.


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Leaders use it to improve performance  – both their own and their team’s. Experienced coaches use it to enable transformational change in rapid time; new coaches acquire a powerful, structured, practical and effective coaching tool.  

Join us for Five-Minute Coach training, delivered by its co-developer, Lynne Cooper, and add this excellent coaching approach to your skills.


The Five-Minute Coach training offers:

  • Skills to support others to get results – and fast!
  • A highly effective coaching approach that uncovers blockages to success
  • The way to shift from problems to an outcome focus quickly and easily
  • A model for eliciting pragmatic and effective action plans
  • Confidence to work in a non-directive way


What’s involved?

The training is the equivalent of a little more than a day of live training and includes four group Zoom webinars, two further group Zoom sessions, active practice between webinars and a little self-guided learning.

You might also be interested in our certificated Professional Clean Coach training of which Five-Minute Coach training is a part.


Next dates

Webinar one        – 23 April 2021,  11.00-12.15 BST
Webinar two        – 7 May 2021,     11.00-12.30 BST
Webinar three     - 21 May 2021,    11.00-1230 BST
Webinar four       - 4 June 2021,     11.00-1230 BST
Practice session   - 2 July 2021,      11.00-1245 BST
Review                – 16 July 2021,    11.00-12.00 BST


 What do previous participants say?

“A brilliant way to work with Clean in ‘ordinary’ settings without losing any of the ‘big space for things to happen in’ kind of feeling I get from Clean”

“It’s the one training you should do. It will revolutionise how you work.”

“The Five-Minute Coach is a fantastic course to help coaches get results quicker and with precision. It’s so simple, yet so complex – it’s genius!”

“I used it with a coachee with a long life story of conflict. I felt very liberated as we couldn’t get caught up in her usual drama triangle. It certainly worked well for me as the coach. Thank you for making it clear and easy.”


Your trainer 

Lynne Cooper of Change Perspectives, is the co-developer of the Five-Minute Coach and co-author of the book of the same name. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Lynne is an Accredited Master Executive Coach and an honorary life fellow of the Association for Coaching. She is an accredited coaching supervisor, an experienced coach trainer, a Certified Clean Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner and author.


Any questions? 

Just ask: info@cleanchange.co.uk; +44 (0)20 8400 4832


Included in the fee is a complimentary copy of Lynne Cooper and Mariette Castellino’s book, The Five-Minute Coach – Improve Performance Rapidly, which we ask you to read before the training begins.

Repeat the Five-Minute Coach training for just £167.50 (50% of the full fee).

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£189.50 — £379.00