M. Clean Language Advanced Modules: Modules 5 - 8

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If you have already invested time and energy in learning Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, you are probably already aware of the ‘Jedi’ programme. These modules:

  • take your facilitation skills to an entirely new level, so that you can confidently use Clean in a much wider range of real-life situations
  • give you a more profound understanding of the material and its mind-expanding implications
  • often result in important personal insights and changes for participants in the ‘client’ role.

As you develop through these trainings you’ll build on your experience of Clean Language and Space, learn to notice more of what’s happening in “real time”, and to direct the client’s attention exquisitely. How much more of what this unique individual is saying and doing can you notice? How can you expand your capacity to take in and use more of their information as it emerges?

You’ll become increasingly adept at working with more tricky situations, such as those in which binds or self-delusion are operating. You’ll gain a greater understanding, too, of near-universal patterns, and learn when they might appropriately inform your Clean work. You’ll have greater flexibility to respond appropriately, in the moment, to the particular client in front of you.

And there’ll be exciting opportunities for personal development as you learn and practice alongside other highly-skilled Symbolic Modellers.

Much of the content is based on ideas, models and developments from Penny Tompkins, and James Lawley. Dr Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan have been adjusting the content to work beautifully for particiants and the complex materials have been brought together into a structured, yet innovative, exciting and immersive, learning experience.

Wendy Sullivan will be your trainer, with Dr Paul Field adding his skills as co-trainer if and when his schedule allows.


Advanced Programme

To be accepted on this programme you should have completed our Foundation-level Modules, 1 – 4, or equivalent. Foundation-level Certification is not currently a prerequisite. If you have any doubts about your level of skill, please contact us before booking.

Module 5: Working Universally – Expanding Your Modeller’s Mind

Every client is a unique individual, but some patterns are near-universal. How can you use them to inform your work as a Symbolic Modeller? In this module we change our focus and step back to see the bigger picture, exploring fundamental models of human perception.

Module 6: Working Uniquely – Modelling in the Moment

How much of what your client is saying and doing do you really notice? How can you expand your capacity to take in and use more of their information as it emerges? In this module you’ll learn to be guided by the uniqueness of the individual, to notice whatever’s happening in “real time”.

Module 7: Binds and Double Binds

How do people who are stuck manage to stay stuck despite their best efforts to change? What if after a time you realise your client isn’t moving towards their desired outcome? What if change seems fine in theory, but doesn’t happen in the real world? It’s time to roll your sleeves up and get modelling at a higher level.

Module 8: Integration and Application: applying Clean principles out in the world

Our integration module in which you’ll assimilate all you’ve learned into a coherent Clean approach.  This is an opportunity to super-charge your facilitation and modelling skills, consider how you’ll embody Clean principles in all you do, and experiment with designing new Clean processes that are appropriate to a wide range of situations and contexts.

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