A. Clean Language 2-hour Zoom Taster Webinar

A complimentary webinar! If you are considering learning to use Clean Language, join our no-obligation complimentary webinar. There’s no sales pitch and no pressure – just an elegant and highly effective approach, introduced and demonstrated by specialist trainer Wendy Sullivan, with opportunities to get your own questions answered. Next Dates: You have three options: Wednesday, 26 May 2021, 19:00 - 21:00 BST or Thursday 3 June, 16:30 - 18:30 BST or Thursday 10 June, 17:30 - 19:30 BST. Register below.

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Talk direct to Wendy Sullivan, the best-selling co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds in this 120-minute Zoom interactive webinar that explores Clean Language – one of the most powerful ways to understand people and the way they think.


What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is the profound yet simple language of the moment, designed for positive forward movement. It combines deceptively simple techniques of facilitative questioning and listening (without interpretation or influence) in a revolutionary approach to change and professional development. Clean Language simplifies the business of facilitating change, solving problems and developing potential because the onus stays with the client: they own the process and the results.

Driving positive change: Clean at work

The simplicity of the Clean approach means that it can be used in almost any professional context, on its own or blended with other change and consultancy approaches. That’s why it’s being used in sectors as diverse as recruitment, medicine, dentistry, sales, education, IT, mediation, business transformation, market research and project management, within the NHS, and by the police. In business it’s increasingly used for team-building, problem-solving, resolving difference, mediating conflict, managing change, promoting knowledge transfer and developing a culture of excellence. Clean Language is now used by many hundreds of professionals in many countries to elicit insight, resolve conflict and effect powerful change.

All you need is to have the Zoom call details and some curiosity

GP Sarah Coope was the demonstration subject on a Clean Language teleseminar. She said: “Since then I have been amazed at the difference that 5-6 minutes of Clean facilitation made to me… and I am so excited about the metaphor that emerged.”

If you’re curious enough to offer to be of our demonstration subjects, you can take advantage of a unique opportunity for significant personal development.

Once you have booked online we will contact you but below is a link to the joining information, so you can have a look at ‘ how it all works’.

What they’re saying about Clean Language … and our trainings

“A single session of Clean Language had a remarkable impact on clearing old and persistent issues.” Scott Downs, business consultant

“Using metaphors takes communication to a whole new level. It brings a new dimension to business thinking and I have seen it transform people’s perceptions in conflict situations. This stuff really works!” John Joint, executive coach

“Clean Language has the power to revolutionise the way we understand and communicate with each other.” Diana Gibbs, business consultant

“I really enjoyed opening myself up to a totally new subject which I came across only recently. I find the notion of asking this type of question, listening and reflecting back really nurturing as well as expanding. I especially thought the written manuals were exceptional and found the trainers authentic and passionate about their subject, supportive and challenging at the same time.” Phil Roberts, Tele-module participant

“I have really loved learning Clean and want to thank you for an amazing journey of insight.” Ceri Loxley, Tele-module participant

“The first time I talked to a Clean Language facilitator we were just a few questions in to the session and I was struck by the strange realisation that I was talking to someone who could actually hear me. Possibly for the first time ever.” Rupert Meese, coach and Clean Language facilitator

“Clean Language gives you the confidence to really get results with your clients.” Mark Hawkswell, corporate trainer and coach

“Clean is a fantastic tool. It’s just so versatile and so respectful.” Sheena Bailey, consultant

“Everyone is talking about it. I can personally vouch for the power of Clean.” Toby McCartney, editor of The Model magazine

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If you can’t attend

Please let us know on info@cleanchange.co.uk if you are unable to attend on the date for which you have booked.  You are welcome to give your place to a friend or colleague.

Link to Module 1 by Zoom: Introducing Clean Language and Metaphor

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