A Strange and Strong Sensation (DVD)

A training DVD featuring Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Advances in contemporary psychology have matched recent breakthroughs in the science of self-organising systems and complexity theory. This video offers coaches, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals an opportunity to experience the benefits now available through these innovations.

Symbolic Modelling is a different way of thinking about the change process. At its heart is Clean Language, a profoundly respectful questioning process developed by internationally acclaimed therapist David Grove. This training video accompanies Penny and James’ book, Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling. It contains a film of a complete Symbolic Modelling session with on-screen annotation. The client discovers her personal metaphors and symbols and learns how these weave together to form a Metaphor Landscape. She is facilitated to identify the conditions necessary for organic change within this Landscape, so that new ways of perceiving herself and her world emerge. 4 months after the video session, the client commented:

“Things are much calmer, more settled and more in my control. I have a stronger sense of my own identity. I know where I am and what my place is. So that’s been very, very nice for me.”