Wendy Sullivan


Wendy Sullivan is a specialist international trainer of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling who has worked with the founders in these fields – David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley – for more than nine years. She is a certified trainer of NLP and an accredited psychotherapist and in addition to working as a trainer and running Clean Change Company Ltd, she facilitates teams, conducts research interviews, and works as a coach and psychotherapist. Her students span five continents and include corporate clients and private individuals who use these powerful approaches in personal development and to improve communication, relationships and business success. She and Judy Rees are the authors of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds, published by Crown House (2008), and now a category best-seller on Amazon.



Margaret Meyer

Margaret Meyer

Margaret is a change consultant, social researcher, coach and therapist. Her work includes strategy development, change facilitation and impact evaluation. To these she brings a passion for supporting people to achieve and a commitment to getting results. A certified Clean Language Facilitator, she uses Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling across the span of her work in both business and personal contexts. With Maurice O’Shea she has developed C-C@PS a Clean-based strategy tool that brings clarity to organisations and their plans. With Wendy Sullivan, she trains and mentors other professionals in the use of Clean Language.

She is an accomplished third-sector professional, having held senior positions in information management, the arts and in cultural relations. As the British Council’s Director of Literature she directed its global education and events programmes, representing UK writing in over 80 countries. She holds an MA and qualifications in EFQM assessing and information auditing. Her approach is directly informed by the ethos and principles of Clean: respect, clarity, and a commitment to the creative opportunities within change.



Di Tunney

Di Tunney

Di Tunney, The Best Organisation Ltd

Di Tunney is Managing Director of The Best Organisation Ltd, a consultancy focused on providing ‘new insights’ into customer behaviour.

Di has 35years experience in all aspects of market research and marketing, working with a diverse range of organisations in different sectors, including FMCG, finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, food and drink, white and brown goods and utilities.
Di is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a certified trainer and consultant in Language and Behaviour Profiling and has completed Clean Language Modules 1 and 4 (Clean Space) of the Clean Language Programme..

She is a member of The Market Research Society, Marketing Society, IOD, and BBNLP.



Rupert Meese

Rupert Meese

Rupert is a passionate Clean thinker and modeller.

Rupert runs a private Clean Language practice, offering clients symbolic modelling sessions by phone and in person at the beautiful Beetroot Tree art gallery in the East Midlands.

As a symbolic modeller Rupert helps people with patterns that they do not want, to discover new ones, and so find greater freedom.

Rupert has a reputation for the quality of his presence through the sessions, being at once both fully present and out of the way, helping to make each session itself a beautiful space for the client to be in, and grow from.

Rupert’s background as an NLP master practitioner and hypnotherapist constantly inform the Clean Language process providing a steady and stable bedrock to the fertile soil of symbolic modelling.




Maurice O’Shea

Maurice O'Shea

Maurice is a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Clean Facilitator and an NLP Practitioner. He graduated from the London Business School with an Executive MBA in 1999, having specialised in marketing and growing entrepreneurial businesses.

He has held the position of Finance Director in major national advertising and media agencies, and as Managing Director of BSkyB’s SkyTalk Operations, played a key role in increasing customer numbers by 1.5m, increasing revenues sevenfold, doubling gross margin and winning the top 8 U-Switch service awards. At a News International subsidiary, he generated £25m by turning around a business in crisis.

Maurice’s career successes have been based on elements and philosophies of Clean and Emergent Knowledge. He combines his skills and knowledge in this field with business and finance skills, and with a positive, entrepreneurial drive to create value out of change.

With Margaret Meyer, he offers entrepreneurs and businesses a one-day, one-page business and strategy plan called C-C@PS that uses Clean Language and Clean Space and engages everyone in the business.



Ian Crawford

Ian Crawford

Ian Crawford is change consultant who uses Appreciative Inquiry, Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling and Action Learning to provoke in people a challenge to their thinking and behaviour with an intention for them to take a more positive perspective on change. After a full career in the army, Ian has 15 years experience in consulting, has a Masters in Organisation Consulting from Ashridge Business School, is an experienced PRINCE2 project manager and MSP and CHAMPS2 programme manager, EFQM assessor and lean systems process improvement practitioner. Clients include British Airways, London Underground, Dalkia, Carillion, BVS Venture Capital, DWP, MoD, IPCC, Eurocontrol, Pakistan Government and a large range of UK government organisations.



Angela Skidmore

Angela Skidmore 218x302

Following a background in general practice, Angela completed specialist training in occupational medicine and now works as a consultant in that discipline. Her particular interest is in effective communication and the use of ‘Clean’ in assisting employees, managers and HR professionals to achieve positive resolution of work related health and performance issues.



Maggi Gilson

Maggi’s mission in both her personal and professional life is to create opportunities for individuals and companies to radically enhance their ability to create results that transcend their dreams, and to create a world that is worthy of being passed on to our children and grandchildren. She has a reputation for delivering serious results with a light touch. The things her clients are most likely to say is: I was inspired. She exceeded my expectations.


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