People's mandala - 12 handsThe first-ever Clean Sandbox for Research takes place on 8 June, during the 2014 Clean Conference.

It is a new platform designed to highlight the emergence of Clean Language research and provide an opportunity for exchange to take place.

Clean Sandbox is an invitation to initiate dialogue, discuss a range of research studies, explore key concerns for researchers using Clean, foster connections and share experience, in a friendly, informal environment.

It is open to anyone who is interested in participating in the development of a research culture in Clean Language, or finding out about the potential of Clean Language in research.

Clean Sandbox for Research will feature a range of interactions including:
• introductions from world-leaders in Clean research, James Lawley, The Developing Company and Dr. Paul Tosey, Surrey University
• mini-case study presentations introducing the rich diversity of Clean research
• discussion groups exploring principles and challenges of Clean research
• hi-speed Clean activities for rapid exchange and first-hand experience of Clean in action

Although we have some real live academics and some students who are completing their PhD studies – so there is no lack of rigorous thinking available to us – in terms of atmosphere, the Sandbox is not going to be typical of an academic conference. It will be more like that of a children’s playground: a playful place of exchange, collaboration, questioning and exploration.

For the first hour we will be together, and then you will be invited to join one of the three parallel groups for some mini-presentations and chaired time to explore the contributions as a whole, as well as the chance to ‘think out loud’ with tactile sandbox activities. Each group will have a note-taker who will feed back on the group’s ‘sandscape’ during the plenary activities.

During the plenary we will consider what the community would like to have happen with regard to Clean research, and after the Conference it is our intention to produce a document of key points etc. for anyone interested.

We look forward to welcoming you for some great presentations, activities, provocation and discussion.

See here for the ‘Quick Guide’ schedule for the Clean Sandbox: sandbox Quick Guide

For biographies of the contributors and their Sandbox topics, see here

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