Clean Conference 10 – 12 May 2013, Central London: Session Proposal

Please complete and return to by 12 February 2013







Session Title

Preferred session length: 60 mins/90 mins

Level of Clean experience required: none/some/lots

Session outline (60 words max)

The aim/outcome of this session is to…? (40 words max. Please craft this so that it can follow on from your session outline in the conference programme.

Presenter’s biography (60 words max)

Space or equipment requested (other than theatre-style room, flipchart & markers, blutack)

Are you willing to have a link on your website to the Clean Conference website?

Are you prepared to have a Clean Conference banner on your website – preferably on the home page?

Are you willing to email your database/contacts to let them know that you are presenting at the Clean Conference?

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