Maori Welcoming Ceremony

The intention behind this ceremony is to bring the “background” of all that we are calling Clean today into the foreground by honoring its roots in the culture of the Maori people of New Zealand whence came David Grove.

Three New Zealanders have joined forces to mould together a tribute to his work and to offer participants a symbolic welcome and integration into the 2010 Clean Conference through the power of a Powhiri – a traditional Maori welcome to all visitors requesting entrance on to the sacred grounds of the Marae.

The Marae is the ancestral “safe and sacred space” where members of the tribe may stand tall in the knowing that this is their place to stand (turangawaewae). From this space they may then call “visitors” (manuhiri) to “stand” with them offering them all the rights and privileges of tribal members. The rite of passage is first sounded by the Karanga – the voice of the women whose call weaves a spiritual rope allowing safe passage for the Manuhiri – visitors (all those joining the conference) on to the Marae (conference).

As a part of the celebration of your presence on the “Conference Marae” you will be invited to experience for yourselves something of the work David left us with in 2007 and to share an evening meal which will be served after the ceremony.

We  invite you – Manuhiri – to stand with us and by us at the opening of the 2010 Clean Conference in London.

Level of Clean experience required: none

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