Name:    Els van Sloten

Based: Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands)


Everything is communication! Successful communication means that the intended purpose of the communication is acknowledged by the other. Communication, in the broadest sense of the word, is the key in the process of clarifying something for yourself or for somebody else.

Be who you are, be heard and seen, see and listen to yourself and to others. Els van Sloten knows only too well how important it is for you to be in balance within yourself, with your surroundings, and with the systems that you belong to (work, family, sports clubs, institutions). It is important to grow from your own personal strength.

Work experience
Els van Sloten has experience in working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities (individually or in groups) who manifest additional disorders such as depression, psychosis, autism, aggression or other forms of behaviour that are difficult to comprehend. For more than twenty years she worked as a movement therapist and has taught was swimming, gymnastics and horse-riding.  Later she switched to integral management positions. Els worked for ten years in various health centres where she focused on, among other things, change management, finances, policy and the coaching of individuals and teams.
Currently Els is part of the management team at an elementary school; she also supports people and organisations in growth and development processes and she coaches people with ADHD/ADD.
In these processes Els uses Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling. These are powerful tools that offer insight into the interaction between people and their surroundings and their  internal dialogues, convictions and judgements, to name but a few.



If you want to be supported and enabled on an organisational or personal level with growth and change processes, please contact Els to discuss the possibilities.



Degrees and certificates

  • Clean Facilitator Foundation Level, ‘Gewoon aan de Slag’,2010)
  • 5-day seminars ‘Résidentiel d’approfondissements’ and ‘Communication Non Violente’ (Nada Ignatovic Savic, certificée par Marschall Rosenberg, 2008)
  • 12-month course ‘Non Violent Communication’(Martin van der Meulen, certified trainer Non Violent Communication, in Monster, 2008)
  • Training courses ‘Progressive Mental Alignment’ (PMA Netherlands, 2008 and 2009)
  • ‘Coaching bij ADHD/ADD’ (Centraal Instituut Voor Alternatieve Scholing, in Haarlem, 2007)
  • 4-day introductory training course; advanced training courses ‘Authentiek jezelf zijn’ (1 day) and ‘De kracht van mededogen’ (2 days) (Martin van der Meulen, certified trainer Non Violent Communication, 2007)
  • 12-month training course ‘Management Development’ (Nel Menkveld training & coaching, Achterveld, 2006)
  • ‘Reflexology: vitamins & nourishment’ (Stichting Vakgroep Reflexzone Therapeuten, The International Institute of Reflexology, Opleiding de Wouden, in Barneveld in 2003)
  • ‘Time Management’ (principles of TM, behaviour analysis, diagnosis, action plan) (Nel Menkveld training & coaching, Achterveld,2002)
  • 4-day training course ‘Ingrijpend anders’ (handling threatening and aggressive behaviour professionally) (H. vd Hoek, Gemiva SVG groep, in Gouda, 2001)
  • Training ‘Oudergesprekken’ (position parents and communication, the role of counsellors, conversation techniques) (Anne Wibaut, 2000)
  • Coaching leadership and advanced training courses (Nel Menkveld training & coaching, Achterveld, 2000 through 2003)
  • Leadership in work organisations (OU, in Leiden, 1999)
  • HBO SPH as (Hogeschool, in Haarlem, 1997)

Financial Management, ‘Strategisch beleid voor ondernemingsraden’ (OdK:Z, in Havelte, Berkel&Partners, 1997)

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