Name: Margaret Meyer

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Based: Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Bucks
Phone: 01491 578056
Mobile: 07977 506997

Margaret MeyerA coach, therapist, change consultant and researcher, I use Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Emergent Knowledge to help clients understand the creative possibilities inherent in their models of the world, in both business and personal contexts.

Like many women, I’m poor at reading literal maps, but something different happens when I work with people’s metaphor landscapes. I think of myself as a particular kind of cartographer. My skills are in facilitating into full awareness those choices and insights that exist in everyone’s mental landscapes. Once an individual, team or organisation has that awareness, different choices can be made.

I’m an experienced third-sector professional, with a career spanning publishing, information management, the arts and international relations. I have over a decade’s experience in senior management and a proven track record in managing people, projects and change. Prior to becoming a consultant, I was the British Council’s Director of Literature, representing UK writing in over 80 countries. Recent consultancy assignments include workshop design and change facilitation for the Independent Police Complaints Commission, planning and executive coaching with London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy, research into prescription charges for the Department of Health, and impact research for the Health & Safety Executive.

With Maurice O’Shea I have developed C-C@PS, a Clean-based strategy tool that brings clarity to SMEs and their plans. With Wendy Sullivan, I train and mentor other professionals in the use of Clean Language. My ears are one of my best resources and my approach is underpinned by the principles and ethos of Clean: clarity, respect and exquisite listening.

I work with groups and individuals:

  • Applied Clean and Symbolic Modelling in research, strategy development and impact mapping
  • Clean, Symbolic Modelling and Emergent Knowledge for developing and managing approaches to change
  • Team building and alignment
  • Coaching
  • 1-to-1 Clean sessions


  • BA; MA (Distinction); Dip. THP
  • Certified Clean Language facilitator
  • Accredited EFQM assessor and information auditor
  • Additional qualifications in NLP and group leadership

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