Name: Rosaleen Bloomfield

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Based: London
Phone: 07768 936920

Rosaleen Bloomfield 254x304Rosaleen Bloomfield specialises in using clean language, clean space, symbolic modelling and structural thinking in her systemic approach to helping clients with their desired outcomes. Currently,  her clients are individual professionals from a range of backgrounds including Information technology specialists, business managers, freelancers, creative individuals and people with a love for evolving and growing personally and professionally, with a forward thinking focus and seeking to acquire deeper self knowledge in order to live a more balanced, purposeful and happier life.

As a coach, she synthesize knowledge and approaches from diverse fields, namely: coaching, business, systems and process modelling, sociology, the ancient science of yoga and meditation to help individuals who desire better life balance and utilization of their talents and skills; purpose, clarity and realization of their dreams.

Rosaleen has extensive experience (16 years) in various consultancy roles, including training, customer service and sales.  She specialised in the telecommunications and media industries and the companies she worked with include BT, Vodafone, Orange, Ericcson, BBC, BSkyB, Pearson and many others.

She also has a strong background in stress management and relaxation techniques drawing on her expertise as a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She helps clients to look within in order to learn how to be more self aware, centred and present; using their deep inner wisdom as a guide to personal and professional development and determining their mission.

Rosaleen works from a calm presence and loves the wisdom in metaphor and symbolic modelling, which empowers clients to self model and gain insights and learnings that allow them to reconfigure old patterns and systems that are not working for them, to discover new resources and to evolve new thoughts, acceptance, actions and behaviours.

She offers one-to-one coaching either in person or by telephone.  Please get in touch to arrange a session.


  • Certified  Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Clean Space Facilitator
  • Diploma In Life Coaching
  • Certificate in the Fundamentals of Structural Thinking
  • Qualified Yoga and Meditation Teacher
  • MSC in Information Technology for Management
  • BSC in Sociology

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