Name: Maurice O’Shea

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Maurice O'Shea 228x304Maurice is a Chartered Accountant and graduated from the London Business School with an Executive MBA in 1999 where he specialised in marketing and growing entrepreneurial businesses. He is a Clean Change Facilitator and an NLP Practitioner.

His career includes being Managing Director of BSkyB’s SkyTalk Operations where he played a key role in increasing customer numbers by 1.5m within two years, increasing revenues sevenfold, doubling gross margin and winning the top 8 U-Switch service awards in 2008. As Finance Director of a News International subsidiary he generated £25m from turning around a business in crisis. Previous positions included being Finance Director of major national advertising and media agencies. Maurice has raised both angel and private equity finance for new ventures.

Maurice combines his financial skills with a positive and entrepreneurial drive to create value out of change, growth and challenging issues. Maurice’s approach combines resolving the most difficult issues and creating a credible and compelling strategy for growth. He leads by focusing individuals on their strengths and motivates them to seize the opportunities for themselves in the business. He builds strong relationships with all stakeholders from shareholders, the core management team, suppliers and with staff at all levels.

Maurice’s career successes have been based on some of the elements and philosophies of ‘Clean’ and Emergent knowledge. He applies his clean skills and knowledge into his business and financial skills to give his clients, and their businesses, clear goals and strategies so that they are successful, profitable and growing. .

Maurice enjoys resolving conflicts and turning around under performing individuals and teams.

Maurice, with Margaret Meyer, offers entrepreneurs and businesses a one-day, one-page, business and strategy plan called C-C@PS that uses Clean Language and Clean Space.

C-C@Ps builds on a clearly understanding of ‘where are we now’ and then gives businesses a clear vision/outcome drawing on the Emergent Knowledge that is then captured in metaphors. C-C@ps identifies values and the resulting standard of behaviours. We then identify the critical success factors that have to happen to achieve the outcome with particular focus on marketing, customers, financials and resources. C-C@ps then provides the detailed metrics and KPI’s that measure performance and the achievement of goals. C-C@ps creates a live and energising vision for the future of the business that quickly cascades across the business. The vision is translated into metaphors and a simple, but powerful ‘metric mantra’.

C-C@Ps is pragmatic and importantly gives clear actions for the business and each individual to achieve for tomorrow, next week, month, year and beyond.

A recent testimonial illustrates the power of C-C@Ps.

“Our business is growing at a rapid pace and it’s vitally important we have a solid strategy for the future, but we wanted to avoid the normal business planning process which the business plan ends up in the draws of the management team and is never cascaded down to our staff. The C-C@PS model was an enlightening experience and made our business strategy come alive, gave us the energy to engage and cascade it down to our staff while engaging other stakeholders; as a result everyone in the business knows where we are going and how we are going to get there – we are ready for our revolution!”

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