Name: Matthew Dodwell

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Based: Bath,  Bristol and London (UK)
Mobile: 07732 859637

Matthew Dodwell237x300The magic of Clean Language is that it gives words to our deepest feelings, so just a vague ‘niggle’ that something isn’t right is able to speak it’s wisdom and be heard. It allows the ‘wisdom of one’s whole system to be heard, used and lived and thus we can live fully and more ‘whole-heartedly’.

Matthew has been a qualified Clean facilitator since the first certification in Jan 2007. A long term enthusiast for the Clean way of working, he says “When I first came across Clean, it was a revelation,  – a fantastic way for me to allow my clients to have the life they really want without any advice from me!”

Matthew offers coaching sessions, either in person or by phone. Sessions can be arranged in Bath, Bristol and London. Please give him a call to book a session.

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