Name: Maggi Gilson

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Based: Berkshire (UK)
Phone: 01628 532871

Maggi Gilson 210x329Maggi’s mission in both her personal and professional life is to  create opportunities for individuals and companies to radically enhance their ability to create results that transcend their dreams, and to create a world that is worthy of being passed on to our children and grandchildren. She has a reputation for delivering serious results with a light touch. The things her clients are most likely to say is: I was inspired. She exceeded my expectations.

Maggi’s work is backed with 25 years of leadership and consultancy experience. They include 12 years of directing, design and project management in the arts business, working with highly creative people directing, producing and financing projects in the visual, performance and written arts, latterly as a corporate CEO.  And a further 15 in facilitating sustainable transformation in the lives of individuals, groups and corporations through management consultancy, meeting facilitation, training and coaching. She specialises in putting you in touch with the resources you never knew you had to get done what you never thought you could do.

If you are an individual, the questions you’d be likely to be asking that would bring Maggi to your door would be: I want to perform better or differently – how do I get there? Is there more, and if so, how do I get there? If you’re a CEO, you might be asking: how do I get more for less out of my company? How do I radically enhance the creativity of my people? How do I merge my people with a new direction or another company? Either way, you might be asking: what do I really want? What you’d get is someone alongside you who understands pressure, complexity and aspiration, who knows how to help people connect with themselves and each other, and who can help you identify and create what truly matters to you or your organisation very fast.

Clean adds an important dimension to Maggi’s work. Symbolic modelling and the principles of emergent knowledge unlock and turbo-charge the principles of systems thinking that we already know in Open Cafe and groups facilitation. Maggi uses Clean in her work because it’s fast, simple, magical, honourable and it works. Pretty much like Maggi, really.

Maggi has had many masters and has never stopped learning from them. In addition, her qualifications and memberships include:

  • MA Oxford
  • OU post-grad diploma in careers guidance and training
  • Licensed mentor in self-esteem enhancement and results creation, Kairos Foundation
  • Certified Clean facilitator

Maggi offers consultancy design and implementation, project design/management, management training, coaching and facilitation, especially in the NFP and public sectors. She’s happy to work one-on-one, and with groups of up to 80 at a time. She lives and works in Cookham, a beautiful village in Berkshire, where she also pursues her passion for gardening and art. She is a published author and creative writing teacher.

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