Name: Carole Clements

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Based: Bath (UK)
Phone: 01225 852484
Mobile: 0779 2911298

Carole Clements 220x306Based in Bath (UK) for 12 years, with a private practice in transformational coaching and personal development facilitation, Carole also works in the field of addiction in a local agency. She trained in NLP, coaching and psychotherapy after many years experience in communications, writing and teaching, and having created significant change in her own life. Carole brings together these skills to facilitate individuals in their personal growth.

Clean Language is a key element of Carole’s work. She says, “What I love about working with people using Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling is that it respects individuality, using clients’ own words and metaphors that represent their particular experience and modes of expression. Each person’s experience of reality is different to anyone else’s and Clean Language provides a powerful way to access and honour that.”

Carole works in collaboration with clients to help them achieve the results they want using Clean Language and a customised individual approach, which may incorporate other therapeutic models and research from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. Sensitive questioning can unearth the seeds of solution contained within a problem, for example, accessing wisdom from the individual’s own system. The discovery of these previously unrecognised strengths and resources can create greater possibility and opportunity for change that will be in harmony and alignment with the individual.

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