Name: Brian Birch

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Phone: 020 8816 7343
Mobile: 07703 176167


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Skype: portraitofalion

Brian Birch 300x310Use personal growth to enhance your relationships

I coach  people to overcome their low self-esteem and achieve what they want in their life.

I’ll keep with you as you discover your situation and the associated feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and metaphors.  We’ll discover blocks, impasses and then new experiences, hidden help and resources.  For me, when I get coached in this work, the end result is like a weight being lifted, walls being broken down, being a giant or having unlimited energy like the sun.  I love the metaphors and the feelings associated with them.  I’m certified in this technique, attend practice groups and get supervised to continually build my skill.  Clients have talked about entering a new garden, shining sunshine where there was cold shadow and a beautiful calm lake.  You’ll discover your own metaphors.  All I’ll assume is that you’d like something new to happen and that’s it’s okay to work with simple questions so I can follow what’s going on for you.  We will agree how to work together and how not to; what my role needs to be and what you need to be like.  It all begins with “What would you like to have happen?”.

Please contact me to move a step closer to what you’d like to have happen.  On my website you can see analysis, commentary and videos.

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