Name: Angela Watson

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Company: PGD Coaching Solutions Ltd
Based: Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Phone: 01256 474036
Mobile: 07780 994289

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Angela Watson, is an experienced coach and facilitator based in Hampshire. She is best known for facilitating training and coaching for hundreds of healthcare professionals in the South of England.

When called on to work in an organisational setting her expertise lies in the areas of communication, leadership and service improvement.

With a clean approach and an enthusiastic style she is passing on her knowledge of effective communication skills approaches to healthcare professionals who want to get improved results when leading change in the NHS.

Angela works with: doctors, nurses, managers in acute care, primary care, and mental health, as well as medical and nursing education providers.


BA Hons Public Sector Health Studies
Certified Clean Language Facilitator
NLP Practitioner
NLP Coach

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